Here’s why Celebs Swear by LED Light Therapy Gadgets

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When I first heard every celebrity started swearing by LED light therapy gadgets, I thought it was all a gimmick. The perfect magical device promising to free us all from painful procedures such as botox and fillers. But I must confess, deep inside, I wanted it all to be true. So I made it my mission to investigate more. I was stunned when I read about all this very solid science behind led light therapy gadgets. And the researchers behind it were from NASA! And then my curiosity turned into true interest: had I just bumped into the latest fountain of youth?

Here´s the story, in a nutshell. NASA scientists explain that led light could effectively treat skin regeneration. Originally the goal was to treat and heal skin wounds. The beauty industry took this research and developed new skincare gadgets for aesthetic purposes. The concept behind these gadgets is perfect for anyone who wants to have great skin but finds it impossible (or too expensive) to commit to periodic visits to the aesthetician. While the most powerful devices remain for professional use only, the latest at-home devices are available for consumer use.  And you can still enjoy the exact same visible results, provided you commit to its consistent use. Personally, I quickly learned from personal experience that the more you use these at-home LED Light Therapy gadgets, the better the results for your skin. 

LED or Light Emitting Diode Therapy works through the exposure to wavelengths of light. An originally NASA Technology used for wound treatment is now used as a skin regenerative therapy. Red light mostly targets anti-aging purposes while blue light is best for acne therapies. It is a non-invasive and safe therapy since it doesn’t use ultraviolet rays. 

But before you invest in these devices, do your research.

LED light therapy gadgets are not cheap at all. Techture Beauty is a leading company in at home led light therapy gadgets. If your main concern is wrinkle reduction, devices with red light are for you. The effect of heating boosts the skin´s blood flow and collagen for a more youthful-looking complexion. The mild wave length is gentler and perfect for the more delicate areas such as crows feet and forehead. Devices using blue light will help you if your concern is acne. additionally, it will help soothe irritated skin. Blue light is especially suitable for sensitive and oily skin types. This brings oil production down to more normal levels which results in less frequent clogged pores. Blue light also restores the skin’s firmness. If you dream of an evener skin tone, this device will reduce the appearance of age and sunspots. 

Many celebs have tested out Techture Beauty Spark Photon LED Beauty Tech. These gadgets use red light. If you feel subconscious about enlarged pores you will become addicted to it. Large pores are one of those very annoying early signs of aging.
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