5 Reasons to Try a Microcurrent Facial at Home

Microcurrent facials have been making headlines everywhere in the beauty industry. Should you try it? If so, why should you try it? 

This article will help you figure out if it’s right for you. Let’s explore 5 reasons to try a microcurrent facial at home. 

It Redefines Your Features

A microcurrent facial can actually reshape your face. In fact, by the end of your treatment, you might notice that your jawline is more defined, your cheekbones are more pronounced, and you’ll have young and refreshed-looking eyes.

Many aestheticians recommend the microcurrent device, and many who use it say they could feel their facial muscles were getting a much-needed stretch, bend, and tuck. Many also report that it gives off a tingly, and strange sensation. Many users report looking in the mirror after being halfway done and noticing that one eyebrow was higher than the other. It’s also been reported that the chin and cheekbones appear to be lifted. It’s the closest thing to a nonsurgical face-lift available. 

It Can Produce Collagen and Reduce the Appearance of Aging

The microcurrent facial delivers precise dosages of energy to the skin and simultaneously repairs and produces collagen in the dermis. This is the deepest layer of the skin, and a microcurrent facial gently erases signs of aging within the epidermis, which is the top layer of skin. 

After trying a microcurrent facial, many noted that they felt like their skin felt much more bouncy, supple, and flexible. This effect can be achieved almost immediately after your microcurrent facial. 

No Pain Involved

The whole “Beauty is Pain” thing is only true sometimes. With microcurrent facials, you get a non-invasive, gentle treatment with truly effective results. Many users say that their session was completely painless and actually relaxing. You might think there’d be some sort of discomfort factor when electrical microcurrents are involved, but this isn’t the case with microcurrent facials.

Remarkably, this pain-free and safe process can help improve muscle tone, reduce puffiness, increase cellular activity, and tighten pores. The result is much healthier and younger-looking skin, no matter what your age is. It seems the old “no pain, no gain” idea does not apply to microcurrent facials.

Results are Visible within Minutes

Regular facials usually end in little more than a glowing, bright complexion. The results are usually not so dramatic or instantaneous. It makes a lot of sense why this is a celebrity favorite, because who doesn’t love an instant face-lift? One great way to really see the difference, is to do the microcurrent facial on one side of your face first, and then compare both sides!

You’ll Love the Results

If you’re someone who loves instant gratification, you’ll find yourself dreaming of your face’s future after a couple more sessions. You’ll see a more sculpted and defined jawline on your skin’s horizon. Microcurrent facials are basically akin to taking your face to the gym, and you’ll need to be consistent to see the best possible results. However, this gym doesn’t leave you sore afterwards. 


Now that you know about the incredible power of microcurrent facials, know that you don’t have to go make an appointment and spend a ton of money for every facial. You can do this for yourself at home! Check out our Techture Spark to learn more!

Here’s why Celebs Swear by LED Light Therapy Gadgets

When I first heard every celebrity started swearing by LED light therapy gadgets, I thought it was all a gimmick. The perfect magical device promising to free us all from painful procedures such as botox and fillers. But I must confess, deep inside, I wanted it all to be true. So I made it my mission to investigate more. I was stunned when I read about all this very solid science behind led light therapy gadgets. And the researchers behind it were from NASA! And then my curiosity turned into true interest: had I just bumped into the latest fountain of youth?

Here´s the story, in a nutshell. NASA scientists explain that led light could effectively treat skin regeneration. Originally the goal was to treat and heal skin wounds. The beauty industry took this research and developed new skincare gadgets for aesthetic purposes. The concept behind these gadgets is perfect for anyone who wants to have great skin but finds it impossible (or too expensive) to commit to periodic visits to the aesthetician. While the most powerful devices remain for professional use only, the latest at-home devices are available for consumer use.  And you can still enjoy the exact same visible results, provided you commit to its consistent use. Personally, I quickly learned from personal experience that the more you use these at-home LED Light Therapy gadgets, the better the results for your skin. 

LED or Light Emitting Diode Therapy works through the exposure to wavelengths of light. An originally NASA Technology used for wound treatment is now used as a skin regenerative therapy. Red light mostly targets anti-aging purposes while blue light is best for acne therapies. It is a non-invasive and safe therapy since it doesn’t use ultraviolet rays. 

But before you invest in these devices, do your research.

LED light therapy gadgets are not cheap at all. Techture Beauty is a leading company in at home led light therapy gadgets. If your main concern is wrinkle reduction, devices with red light are for you. The effect of heating boosts the skin´s blood flow and collagen for a more youthful-looking complexion. The mild wave length is gentler and perfect for the more delicate areas such as crows feet and forehead. Devices using blue light will help you if your concern is acne. additionally, it will help soothe irritated skin. Blue light is especially suitable for sensitive and oily skin types. This brings oil production down to more normal levels which results in less frequent clogged pores. Blue light also restores the skin’s firmness. If you dream of an evener skin tone, this device will reduce the appearance of age and sunspots. 

Many celebs have tested out Techture Beauty Spark Photon LED Beauty Tech. These gadgets use red light. If you feel subconscious about enlarged pores you will become addicted to it. Large pores are one of those very annoying early signs of aging.
If you enjoy learning about LED Light Therapy Gadgets, continue with I tried the 5 Minute Facelift and this is what happened.

Why Blue Light Therapy Changed my Life

Blue Light Therapy Gadgets

If you’ve landed here, chances are you are wondering whether the new blue light therapy gadgets everyone keeps talking about these days are hyped up or not. Let me tell you something: when I first heard about them over a phone call with my friend I thought to myself: Whatever, she is so naive to fall for this. But then again, she had struggled with acne her entire life. Last time we’d talked she was visibly depressed and frustrated with the fact that she was now approaching 30 and noticed her first wrinkles and yet those annoying breakouts would not leave her alone. I couldn’t blame her for believing. I had my share of pimples that wouldn’t leave me alone, but I was good at covering them up with piles of makeup.

A couple of days later we met for lunch and I just couldn´t believe my eyes.

She looked refreshed and confident and almost 100% acne free. I noticed quickly she wasn’t hiding her acne under a full mask of makeup like I was. She smiled at me and right then and there I was a believer. So, yeah, I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong. I couldn’t stop asking questions about this new treatment for the rest of our lunch that day. It made me feel kind of bad that I wouldn’t let her grab a bite before she shared her secret with me. I will always remember that day as the day I learned my lesson not to jump to conclusions too soon… or I will miss out on opportunities like this! Not every day you run into friends who are honest and willing to share their beauty secrets, and now I am sharing this with you.

So, in a nutshell here’s the thing: as technology advances, at-home skincare devices have become more popular, accessible and easier to get.

But she had discovered something completely new. This was not a clone of the Clarisonic, there was science developed by NASA behind her new acne-fighting gadget. Something that only confined inside aesthetician and dermatologist offices before, she had now for her self to be used at home whenever she wanted to. The blue light led therapy treatment first of all is absolutely safe, and has no side-effects. Blue light therapy kills a bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes which is the cause of one type of acne and there are a lot of factors that take part in this condition. However, results have shown that the combination of both red and blue lights is more effective for the treatment of mild to severe acne while also delaying the first signs of aging. Bingo! I thought: perfect for anyone like me fighting both skin concerns at the same time.

The one she used, which I would purchase later that same day is  Spark Photon LED Beauty Tech by Techture Beauty. This gadget has the perfect combination of LED light. Its benefits include collagen stimulation. Collagen is an essential protein that maintains a healthy, soft and beautiful skin. Collagen production increases which in turn repairs damaged tissue. Pores are minimized and its appearance is noticeably improved. In particular, acne-prone or sensitive skin types will be the most benefited from blue light therapy. Blue light soothes hypersensitive acne-prone skin while reducing inflammation. Redness is also visibly reduced. And blemishes and pimples will instantly shrink, and reveal a clear skin that stays that way longer.  So, there you have it! That is the story of how I keep my skin clear with blue light therapy gadgets and never looked back.

I Tried The 5 Minute Facelift And This Is What Happened

5 minute facelift

Just like you, I live a hectic life. That’s why the concept of a 5-minute facelift is perfect for me. And as part of this crazy fast-paced world, taking care of myself always ends up last on my to-do list. Biggest no-no. Investing in ourselves is one of the best things one can do. As we need to take our body with us wherever we go and whatever we do. And, let’s face it, our confidence is boosted when we feel the best version of ourselves.

No time? No worries…

When it comes to a beauty regime, investing time and being consistent makes all the difference.  It would be an unforgivable mistake to give way to the temptation to let go and just give up on the way we look. Especially since as we age, we definitely need more and more time to maintain our looks and youthful glow… or do we?

Well, we have a lot to thank technology for these days.

It definitely has made our everyday lives easier. I guess someone thought of our lack of me-time when they came up with a quick yet effective fix for the busy woman or man that still wants to take care of her skin and delay the first signs of aging. Enters microcurrent therapy.  A technology that enables us to have a painless 5-minute facelift in the time it takes you to have a coffee. It is based on the natural electricity that is present in our bodies. These new microcurrent devices mimick biological electricity stimulating facial muscles. Just like when you exercise any other muscle of your body, it tones and strengthens them, giving back to your features its lost definition. Also, they activate biochemical reactions in charge of the production of elastin and collagen while also enhancing blood circulation. This extraordinary combination of science and technology results in a quick, natural, non-invasive and non-surgical facelift that takes ages off your face. 

So you must be thinking, I still need to figure out a way to fit that aesthetician appointment into my crazy schedule!

Not to mention the unavoidable heavy traffic on my way to it. And that’s the incredible news! Although up until recently the technique was only available for professional use, you can now have a perfect facelift at any time without leaving your house. At-home devices for the 5-minute facelift are safe to be used by any of us since they have been designed with the right intensity without sacrificing those visible results. This alternative is perfect for anyone who is disciplined and willing to put in 5 minutes religiously to get those cumulative results. Not to mention, it is a much more affordable alternative in the long run.

It is as simple as taking at least 5 minutes each day to prevent wrinkles and dull skin.

Ideally, 5 to 20 minutes a day, if you can stretch it a bit. And you will have to repeat it three or four times a week.  Spark Foton LED device by Techture Beauty is one of the best non-invasive devices recommended for an at-home 5-minute facelift. It is specifically designed to fight deep wrinkles and discoloration. You can expect plumper and reduced wrinkles while blemishes and pores shrink and fade. Most importantly it is extremely user-friendly. I prefer this device over botox and fillers. Because it gives a much more natural result and it is painless, affordable and practical! Time is no longer an excuse. Don’t give up! 

Non-Surgical Facelift with Microcurrent Devices: Is it for Real?

Non-Surgical Facelift with Microcurrent Devices

Once you hit 40, the dream of a non-surgical facelift becomes more of an obsession. Have you ever been stunned by the look of some famous actress or actor who has undergone surgery to have a facelift? Some of them are almost unrecognizable. And even if you succeed in matching her or his new appearance with her or his name, you are left with the awkward feeling that they looked way better before. 

A surgical facelift has the risk of anesthesia involved in any surgical procedures but it also has the risk of getting an artificial and grotesque look as a result. It is also very difficult to get a natural result through artificial procedures. But now, there´s hope with non-surgical facelifts.

The natural facelift

Technology will help you avoid going under the knife. Microcurrent therapy works by mimicking the natural electricity present in your body and using very weak electrical waves to stimulate the muscles of your face. It acts as a workout for your facial muscles. By stimulating the 32 facial muscles that are more attached to the skin than in the rest of the body it helps them to produce collagen and elastin fiber. Facial tone and elasticity are enhanced, wrinkles are softened and the skin is rejuvenated. The result is a natural, non-surgical facelift. Yes, it is for real. 

Microcurrent devices

The good news is that these anti-aging innovations are available not only at dermatologist and aesthetician offices but also at home. Microcurrent devices available produce similar results when used consistently. Although it may take some months to get to the same outcome you obtain with a professional, you can actually get it at the comfort of your own home.

According to Techture Beauty experts “microcurrent therapy emits a pulsating current of electricity at a cellular level. You’ll see better skin tone and less defined wrinkles after 60 days of using the Tetrad LED/EMS Beauty Tech device from Techture Beauty. The light-based part of the treatment gently warms the top layer of your skin, targeting your most visible fine lines and enlarged pores. Almost instantly the texture of your skin is improved”.

Consistency Is Key

Results are cumulative: the more you use it, the better the result. So, although you get instant results from the very first treatment, you have to be consistent and stick to it. Experts recommend to use them 10-15 minutes per session, five times a week for 8 weeks and then repeat it two to three times a week to keep up the results. “As you continue to use the device over time, the light penetrates on a deeper level to work on deeper wrinkles and discoloration, evening out your skin tone” says Techture Beauty

A Relaxing Time

The best part of a non-surgical facelift with microcurrent device compared to traditional plastic surgery is that instead of freaking out before and after the treatment, this natural facelift can be performed at the comfort of your own house in a relaxing atmosphere, avoiding the traumatic experience and without any type of side-effects. Just like a soft cold massage. As explained by Techture Beauty it is a pain-free, non-invasive, soothing and rejuvenating skin treatment that promotes collagen production for skin that looks healthier and plumper”.